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vaccinecasualty on HuffingtonPost

“Parents should take the time to read the actual research studies that the CDC so proudly touts in its "Vaccine Information for Parents" literature. The CDC references a research study claiming there is no link between vaccines and Autism. However, the researchers note's in the final report indicate that the group's results are statistically invalid and should not be relied on due to the small sample size.

In addition, the notes explain the study design is flawed in that it relied on subjective questioning of mothers about events that occurred years ago and could not be verified. The results are insignificant (too small) to draw a meaningful conclusions either way.

Parents should be educated about the risks and benefits of vaccination. The scientists, doctors, and administrators of the CDC are misleading parents and should be educated in proper research methodology and statistics.

Is this a simple oversight, incompetence, or intentional manipulation? I know from first hand experience how the lack of reliable information causes great harm to children, autistic and neurotypical alike.

I relied on my pediatrician to tell me the truth about vaccines. As a proud father of an Autistic child and having lost my perfectly healthy son 18 hours after his four-month vaccinations, I have spent countless hours reading everything I can on this subject and wish I knew back then what I now know. Parents must take the time to critically evaluate all of the information in order to make the best decision.”

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